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8 Grain Bread 320g
Gardenia Delicia Waffles Fresh Egg Vanilla Flavour 42g
Banana Cake 1unit
Premium Marble Cake 1unit
Premium Butter Cake 1 pc
Gardenia Quick Bite Chocolate Chips Muffin 35g x 2
Samudra Mini Bahulu 160g
Samudra Rich Fruits Cake 400g
KG Yuan Bao Gold Cake 230g
KG Pastry Gold Cake (Kuih Bakul) 330g
Samudra Banana Cake 350g
Butterfingers Gluten Free Macadamia Shortbread 175g
Hong Kong MX Original Egg Rolls 20pcs/pack
KG Gold Cake (S) 180g x 2
Pure Cookies Traditional Almond Cookies in Jar 300g
Samudra Mini Chocolate Moist Cake 85g
Yu Ai Golden Charcoal With Lotus with Crushed Yolk Mooncake 1unit

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