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First Pick Carrot (Australia) 500g
Cameron Garden Baby Spinach (Malaysia) 100g
Save 25%
Hass Avocado (Australia) 3pcs/pack
Swiss Brown Mushroom 150g
Blueberry 125g
Blueberry 125g
RM 8.40
Lemon 1pc
Lemon 1pc
RM 1.50
Mascorn Sweet Corn (Malaysia) 2pcs/pack
NutriPlus Omega-3 Chicken Eggs 15pcs
Lemon 5pcs/pack
Lemon 5pcs/pack
RM 7.30
Nutriplus Kampung Eggs with Omega-3 10pcs
Pink Lady Apple (New Zealand) 8pcs/pack
Celery Bundle (Australia) 600g
NutriPlus Jumbo Eggs with Omega 3 10pcs
Cameron Highland Strawberry (Malaysia) 250g
Cameron Garden Probiotic Sawi (Malaysia) 300g
Cameron Garden Mint Leaf (Malaysia) 100g
RM 4
White Dragon Fruit (Vietnam) 1pc
Dole Banana (Philippines) 1pack
CF Organic Smooth Tofu 300g
Food Forest Farm Tomato (MYS) 1pack

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