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Ayam Brand Whole Kernel Corn 425g
Hosen Longan in Syrup 565g
Hosen Lychee in Syrup 565g
Peace Brand King Longan ins Syrup 565g
Hosen Pineapple Slices in Syrup 565g
Ayam Brand Sweet Cup Corn in Brine 200g
Ayam Brand Corn Cream Style 425g
Hosen Sliced Peaches in Syrup 825g
Hosen Half Peaches in Syrup 825g
Fruitland Lychees in Syrups 565g
Hosen Fruit Cocktail Fiesta in Syrup 836g
Hosen Rambutan Stuffed with Pineapple in Syrup 565g
Ayam Brand Pineapple Slices 565g
S&W Premium Fiesta Fruit Cocktail 850g
Sainsburys Italian Plum Tomatoes 400g
Sainsburys Chopped Tomatoes 400g
Fruitland Longan in Heavy Syrup 565g
Hosen Honey Sea Coconut in Syrup 670g
Ayam Brand Pineapple Chunks in Syrup 425g

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