Apples and Pears

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Granny Smith Green Apple (South Africa) 8pcs/pack
Packham Pear (South Africa) 800g
Kanzi Apple 10s C10 (South Africa) 10pcs/pack
Fuji Apple (China) 1unit
Packham Pear (South Africa) 1unit
Fuji Apple (Korea) 1kg
Spongebob Fuji Apple (South Africa) 750g
Organic Fuji Apple (New Zealand) 4pcs/pack
Gong Pear (China) 500g
Red Delicious Apple (USA) 8pcs/pack
Rockit Apple (New Zealand) 5pcs/pack
Organic Juliet Apple Kids Pack (France) 6pcs/pack
SugarBee Organic Apple (USA) 4pcs/pack
Save 11%
Gong Pear (China) 4pcs/pack
Gong Pear (China) 4pcs/pack
RM 7.90 RM 8.90
Breeze Apple (New Zealand) 1unit
Fragrant Pear (China) 6pcs/pack
Organic Juliet Apple (France) 3pcs/pack
Queen Apple (New Zealand) 1pc
Spongebob Forella Pear (South Africa)  850g
Cherry Apple (Korea) 500g
Singo Pear (China) 1unit
Organic Royal Gala Apples (New Zealand) 4pcs/pack
Premium Fuji Apple (China) 1unit
Forella Pear (South Africa) 1unit
Save 22%
Envy Apple 4pcs/pack
RM 13.90 RM 17.90
Apple Cutey Royal Gala 750g
Sekaitchi Apple (China) 1pack
Fuji Apple (Korea) 2pcs/pack
Pear Nikkori (Japan) 2pcs/pack

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