Frozen Poultry

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Figo Japanese Chicken Dumpling 200g
Ramly Chicken Burger 420g
Gourmessa Chicken Lyoner 100g
Ramly Beef Burger 420g
Gourmet Chef Chicken Breakfast Sausage 1kg
Save 16%
Dara lean minced chicken 400g
Gourmet Chef Chicken Jumbo 1kg
Ayamas Red Hot Crispy Fried Chicken 850g
Ramly Chicken Frankfurter 340g
Gourmet Chicken Jumbo Cheese and Herb 1kg
Save 7%
Tyson Chicken Karaage 600g
Tyson Chicken Karaage 600g
RM 17.49 RM 18.90
Ramly Chicken Ball 800g

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