Reina Mª Cristina Blanc De Noirs Reserva 750ml

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Title: 750ml
RM 199


Wine of Spain. Reina Mª Cristina was born to pay tribute to Regent Queen Mª Cristina, who granted the title of "Supplier of the Royal House" to Codorníu in 1897. In 2010 it is relaunched as the first Blanc de Noirs cava exclusively made with the Pinot Noir variety : "An exquisite white cava with aromatic and gustatory white flowers and red fruits, typical nuances Pinot Noir red grape".

This is a cava where the grape's aromas reign and it therefore makes and excellent pairing with fished baked in salt. It is perfect with sushi and carpaccio and also pairs well with aperitifs and first courses. Ideal for serving with fruit based desserts.

Alcohol content, ABV (12%).

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